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What Has Changed Recently With Services?

What Are The Variations Of Sexual Harassment

There are two different types of methods of ways that are legally recognized in committing sexual harassment. They are the quid pro sexual harassment, and the hostile environment harassment.

More information about the quid pro quo sexual harassment.
An employee that will be asked for some sexual favors in order to keep his or her job is under the case of a quid pro quo sexual harassment. This also applies to students that are offered favorable recommendations or good grades in exchange for sexual favors. The person that usually commits quid pro quo sexual harassment is a person that has the capability to influence the educational situation or employment status of a victim like the teachers, professors, managers, and supervisors. One example is if a manager or a teacher would ask his or her employee or student out on a date an then would provide a promotion or good grade in exchange for a back or neck rub.

It is really not important in this type of sexual harassment if the victim will agree or give in on the offer. The victim can file a case once the person that will commit the sexual harassment will make or float an offer even if he or she will be changing his or her decision later on.

What is a hostile environment sexual harassment?
A hostile work environment sexual harassment meanwhile will happened in a workplace where in the supervisor or manager, and even the fellow workmates will be liable for the claims. There will be a case of hostile work environment sexual harassment in students if they will feel that their learning environment is offensive and hostile, as well as in a workplace where there is an interference in the performance of work due to the sexual advances made by the manager or supervisor, as well as the co-workers. The sexual harassment that will be done can be non-verbal or verbal, and physical or visual. An example of a verbal sexual harassment is every time a person will be making a sexual comment on the clothing, looks, and anatomy of another person. An example of a non-verbal sexual harassment is when a person will be glaring, leering, or starting at another person. A visual sexual harassment happens in a workplace where there are calendars, cartoons, photographs, and posters that are sexually suggestive being displayed. A physical sexual harassment will happen every time another person will be giving a massage to a victim who will find it offensive because he or she did not ask for it.

You should see to it that you understand everything about this. This cases will really require you to hire the service of a lawyer.

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