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Looking On The Bright Side of Technology

Learn the Major Breakthroughs in Food Industry.

Basically, people eating different times a day. Again, people have different foods included in the diet. However, it food science and technology that has made that possible. It would be wrong to think that there is no need to devote science to food. In the US, the food industry is actually the biggest manufacturing industry. It is, however, the dedication and relentless work of food scientists that has enhanced food experience.

Here, you will learn more about major achievements in food technology.

1. Baby carrots.

For many people, they just walk into a store and take packed baby carrots. Also, your kids might not have taken another type of carrots. Nevertheless, carrots don’t grow like that but are usually long roots which have a dirty skin. Before the 1980s, baby carrots were not there. Before the baby carrots were invented, groceries only sold the misshapen and ugly carrots. Because of this, customers would only pick the ones that looked pretty. This caused farmers and grocery owners to incur losses since they would throw away many carrots. Baby carrots were later invented by Mike Yurosek. The carrots now look more desirable.

2. A machine that cleans salt water.

Usually, people know that the ocean water is not usually good for drinking. This water is also dangerous because it would lead to dehydration. Actually, of the world water, 97% is salt water and 2% has been frozen in glaciers. Researchers are, however, working on a machine that uses solar power and removes salt from the water. Actually, MIT researchers have been able to create that machine in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way. Actually, the machine ensure the water is drinkable and healthy.

3. New anti-shake spoons.

Today, you will find a new spoon that help counteracts shaky hands. The technology utilizes 360-degree stabilization thereby minimizing shaking by 85%. When eating, people suffering from hand tremors may find it difficult. When designing these spoon, these people were also considered. The anti-shake spoon is manufactured using safe materials and medical grade silicone. This spoon will also automatically shut off if not being used.

4. Invention of green rice.

Basically, it is not a green colored rice. Nevertheless, the rice is genetically modified. As a result, it offers more stability in areas where floods wipe out crop supplies. The seeds are genetically modified to withstand flooding. This green rice technology may be compared to the green revolution. Basically, crop production hit double digits during green revolution. The green rice technology could help solve the hunger problem in the world.

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