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Learning The Secrets About Music


I have been putting up a collection of vinyl for approximately 12 years. Being a musician, one of my most cherished dreams was the ability to put my own records into the wax. When our band went to make music for our second album, we had to make this dream a reality. The journey to achieving this dream was long and tiring. Sharing our experiences form the process is the goal of this website.

The medium facing a lot of obstacles is the first take away. Its limitation is brought about by its dimensions. There has to be some distance kept between the grooves, if this is not the case, there will be some form of interference. Our music records were long forcing us to cut out some of our favorite parts making the process disorienting. There have been improvements to the technology that goes into the making of vinyl. It has not factored in all the technological improvements over time. The challenge is that there have been a few manufacturers engaged in the making of vinyl over time. This results in the high cost of the item. To purchase it, one has to part ways with a few thousands of dollars.

The process of pressing music on a vinyl is very expensive for a good reason.A lot of costs have to be incurred in the course of the process. Eventually, when all these costs add up, it justifies the high cost of this service. This also means that many artists who release their music on vinyl do not realize any profits. It is just a matter of passion and not money for them.

A small number of companies is tasked with the responsibility of meeting the demand. This means that artists who place their order for vinyl wait for a long time. In our case, our waiting time came up to five months. There are a few manufacturers in the field of making vinyl yet its demand keeps growing. It is not possible to meet the ever-growing demand for the service since there are only 20 manufacturing plants in the United States of America. The probability that this might change soon is being increased by a few numbers of new plants being put up. The resulting effect is slow but will occur in slow motion.

In the end, doing this is worth it. Achieving your dreams and getting your finished process and the resulting self-pride will give you an irreplaceable feeling making you forget about the hectic process. Checking our homepage will give you the opportunity of learning more about this service. Our process of pressing music onto vinyl was very educating and we have shared the information gained.

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