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Learning The Secrets About Guides

Essence of Having an Older Friend

It is likely that my best friend was about to get her initial car when I was still a newborn. This is because she is fifteen years older than me. We had the chance to meet after about three decades. She has however become an integral part of my being.

Janie and I met when we were about to pick our daughters from preschool. She was known to be the kind of person who would bring teachers various gifts each time she could. You would often find her with an athletic gear. It is here that you would then see her headed towards walking on the track as soon as she bids her child goodbye. She put on leggings like any other young mom and had a blissful look too. However, you will learn that there was something unique about Janie. It was not hard to actually realize that in as much as she had a daughter whose age was within that of our daughters, she was older than most of us. There was a particular day that she requested that I join her on this track. My son was with my parents for a number of hours. I therefore easily obliged to this invitation. It is here that we discovered that we shared so many common things. This is what made it possible to connect with one another immediately.

It is three years now and our friendship has grown to be much stronger. Janie got her daughter when she was 45 after a marriage filled with adventure. You will learn that they had a cabin which they co-owned with her husband where they would retreat each weekend. As soon as they learnt that they were expecting, they opted to have a bigger house built on this particular property. They were then tasked with the responsibility of being more like adults. Their daughter was brought to the world the next August. Our daughters are best friends too. It is unfortunate that their daughter was diagnosed with an unusual chromosomal issue. This is to mean that she would experience development delays in her whole life. Together we chose to discover more about this condition that same evening after which we felt more gratified.

It is when I am coming back from a beach trip with her. Even though she is aged, she wore that child-like delight and maintained her enthusiasm. We are actually polar opposites in a number of ways. You will however note that an older friend will often act as your confidant, mentor as well as a trailblazer all at the same time. She also rarely judges anyone since she understands how to figure things out.

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