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Finding Parallels Between Health and Life

Different Types of Contact Lenses and its Benefits

Contact lenses are actually popular choices for a lot of people that have issues when it comes to their vision. It can be confusing though to choose the right type of contact lenses because there are various types which are available. There are in fact two categories that you can find in contact lenses which are the soft and hard types and there are likewise various options available in such groups. You should read more below to know the common types available that will also help you to find the one that’s best.

Soft Contact Lenses

The soft type contact lenses are considered to be the most popular type. This actually is made from soft and flexible plastics that will allow oxygen to pass in your eyes and it likewise have a daily replaceable and an extended wear vision. A benefit with soft contact lenses likewise includes a short adaptation period and means that they are truly comfortable. This is also difficult to dislodge and it’s good for those who have active lifestyles.

Water Content in Lenses

Water content is an essential feature in soft contact lenses. Having high water content will allow more oxygen to pass through its surface. This will be able to help provide comfort and will also maintain optimum eye health.

Hard Contact Lenses

The hard type contact lenses or known in other terms as rigid gas permeable (RPG) lenses which are made from durable plastics and it also allows efficient transfers of oxygen to your eye. Because of the rigidity that it has, it is capable of offering sharper improvements to your vision than soft lenses. Another thing about it is that hard contact lenses can help with different vision problems. It’s also seen to be cost effective than other alternatives.

Another thing is that hard contact lenses comes with longer initial adaptation period compared to the soft contact lenses. A single vision lense also have a prescription on its lense. This means that it is usually designed to improve vision on a particular task, which actually is common to correct distance vision problems. There are cases sometimes to where a person is going to be prescribed with various single vision lenses for every eye. One of these will be for distance vision and the other one would be for near visions.

The center for such type of lens comes with a normal vision prescription and the other will help for near vision. For some instances, it can be designed another way around that will depend on the prescription as well as how you use your eyes. In order to find a suitable lens for you, it’s best to consider visiting your optometrist.

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